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If yours is one of those many companies that have a large investment in legacy systems that are normally accessed through TN-3270, TN3270E, TN-5250 or VT220/VT420 terminals (or emulators) and you wish to modernize your work environment for better efficiency, you should take a look at the Distinct IntelliTerm Developer Edition.

The Distinct IntelliTerm Developer Edition is specifically designed to facilitate Windows and legacy system integration by software developers, system integrators and software administrators who need to either automate user operations when connected to TN-3270, TN-5250 or VT-420 hosts or to simplify interaction of Windows applications with legacy applications.

Simply stated, before investing large sums of money in less powerful systems and the porting of your legacy applications to these systems, take a look at how you can instead capitalize on the existing power of your legacy systems.

While creating a user-friendly Windows-based interface for your users, you can still make use of the information generated by or stored in the legacy applications on your mainframe or midrange systems.

One method of doing this is by using what has commonly become known as screen scraping. Using this method your Windows-based application will make a series of calls to retrieve data from specific fields in the legacy application and present it to the user in an environment that is more familiar requiring less user training.

APIs for Windows - legacy system integration.
Distinct IntelliTerm provides a set of APIs for the purpose of task automation and integration of legacy applications and their data with user-friendly windows applications. It provides an EHLLAPI, and Windows HLLAPI (WinHLLAPI) API as well as an API to its OLE Automaton Server (An OLE Automation server provides the same type of programmatic interface as an ActiveX). Distinct IntelliTerm also supports DDE and includes a VBA-like macro language The toolkit includes several sample applications to illustrate the use of the OLE Automation, Windows HLLAPI and EHLLAPI APIs.
These samples will show you how to automate terminal emulation functions such as connecting to a remote server as a TN3270, a TN5250 or a VT420 terminal, how to send keyboard input and retrieve screen contents and how to hide the IntelliTerm window so that the user will only see and interact directly with your custom program interface.

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