If Network Trace is enabled, File Contents Viewer cannot be.

The network trace is for use when you need to trouble shoot a connection. It starts to display the control port traffic for all active connections when you enable it. This gives you an on-line display of control information rather than a record of it in a file, which you can obtain using the Capture to file option on the File menu or on the Connect to Host dialog box. The network trace includes control information for all active connections, whereas a capture option limits the scope to one connection.

Control port information comprises the FTP commands you send to other systems and their responses. It does not include any file content. The following is an example of control port traffic.

USER shirley 331
Password required for shirley PASS distinct 230
User shirley logged in.
ACCT 502 ACCT command not implemented.
PWD 257 “/home/shirley” is current folder.
CDUP 250 CWD command successful.
PWD 257 “/home” is current folder.
CWD ./shirley 250 CWD command successful.
PWD 257 “/home/shirley” is current folder.
PORT 126,121,132,103,4,84 200 PORT command successful.
LIST . 150 ASCII data connection for /bin/ls (,1008) (0 bytes).
226 ASCII Transfer complete. total 11 -rw-r—r— 1 shirley  staff        
2897Mar 12 10:47.cshrc -rw-r—r— 1 shirley  staff
2496Mar 12 10:47.login -rw-r—r— 1 shirley  staff       
2750Mar 12 10:47.rootmenu -rw-r—r— 1 shirley  staff         
478Mar 12 10:47.sunview drwxrwxrwx  2 shirley  staff        
512 Mar 12 11:05 test 313 bytes transferred in 0.055 seconds (5 kBytes/sec)
QUIT 221 Goodbye.

By studying a network trace you can see what is causing a connection failure or some other problem.


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