The Distinct FTP Client lets you connect to other systems and perform operations on files on those systems as well as on your local files. The operations you can perform are upload and download, copy, rename, delete, print, and create folder. Any machine you connect to must be configured to act as an FTP server. To make an FTP connection to an FTP server, you must have a valid login name and password for a user account on that system. The permissions granted to the user account determine which folders you will have access to, and which combination of  Read, Write, List and Delete access you will have to the files. Some servers on the Internet allow you to log in as an “Anonymous” user. Some anonymous FTP accounts require you to give your email address in the Password text box for anonymous login authentication.

With no active FTP connection, you can use the Distinct FTP Client to view the files on your local drives and to perform local copy, rename, delete, or print operations, or to create local folders.


Distinct Intelliterm
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Now also TN3270 and TN5250 over TLS/SSL

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