Distinct FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application. It makes possible the sharing of files and the transfer of information stored in files within and across TCP/IP networks. The Distinct FTP Client works in conjunction with an FTP Server on each remote host.

The Distinct FTP client provides a toolbar, with buttons that you can use for quick access to the most common operations, and a status bar showing toolbar button functions and information on file transfer activities. The client also displays a menu bar and the main window containing the file information.

  • This chapter tells you how to perform an operation by referring to the toolbar button and then giving you the corresponding menu option in brackets. For example: “To upload a file, click on the Upload button in the toolbar (File, Upload File(s)).”

The Distinct FTP Client main window is split into a left and right side pane. The left side pane initially lists your local disk drives and a Remote Connections symbol giving access to user-defined connection profiles. You can expand a disk drive to display a folder tree and to navigate to subfolders. The right side pane displays a list of the files in the current folder, sorted by file name.

The folder tree on the left side of the Distinct FTP Client window can show you up to three folder levels in the local or remote file system. There is a limit of 15 on the total number of drives that can be displayed at the same time in any one tree. The following describes the symbols on the drive and folder icons.


 Shows that the folder or drive can be unfolded


Shows that the folder or drive can be folded up


Indicates no subfolders in the case of a local system


Indicates a drive (a pink drive icon indicates a remote drive)


Indicates the parent folder of the currently open folder (if any)


Indicates an open folder


Indicates a closed folder


Indicates a folder that is a symbolic (or soft) link (in the case of some remote systems such as UNIX systems). The word LINK is in blue.

To fold/unfold a drive or folder, click on its name or plus/minus sign. Fold up  the part of the tree that you are not working on  to keep the tree short and manageable.


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