Several factors can cause this GDDM error message when attempting to display graphics.  Check each of the following items carefully in the order listed and take corrective action:


The host (VTAM) logmode you are using must be a queriable logmode.  By default, your host LU is assigned a logmode which defines screen size and queriability features.  If you have a nonqueriable logmode, then graphics cannot be displayed.  Check with your VTAM systems programmer if you think your logmode is not defined as queriable; tell them that the PSERVIC parameter must start with ‘028’ or ‘02C’.


If your host uses a session manager such as CA-Supersession or TPX, the session manager must be configured such that device query is supported.  Otherwise, graphics cannot be displayed because all host graphics applications will perform a device query before sending its graphics data.

Reason Codes for ADM0275 E message:


The host logmode does not support extended data stream. Contact the VTAM systems programmer to have extended data stream turned on.


The query failed.  Follow steps 1 through 2 listed above.


The graphics DLL is not in the application directory or in the path. You should have received a warning that graphics were not available. For Windows 3.x, the file is WIN3179G.DLL, for Windows 95 and Windows NT, the file is NT3179G.DLL.

The graph is displaying, but not in graphics mode - it is using alphanumeric characters to approximate the picture.

This usually means there is a logmode problem.  For some reason the host application software thinks that the device cannot display graphics so it sends alphanumeric data instead.  Make sure the logmode is queriable (PSERVIC=’028...’).

When displaying CA-TELLAGRAF, CA-DISSPLA or Boeing EIS graphics the screen seems to have shrunk.

This condition occurs because the CA-TELLAGRAF, CA-DISSPLA, and Boeing EIS graphics packages make internal adjustments when using a 3270 screen size other than Mod 3 (32 x 80).  Change the logmode to Mod 3 and try again to obtain better results OR set the value of Resolution to TERMINAL instead of HIGH in CONFIG.


This commonly occurs in VM/CMS when you specify the GDDM79 device driver but the GDDM TXTLIBs are not being accessed in the VM/CMS session.  SAS requires the GDDM TXTLIB’s ADMGLIB and ADMRLIB.  

We recommend that the IBM3179 device driver be used in place of the GDDM79 device driver.  Then the GDDM TXTLIBs are not necessary.


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