The PCPRINT utility is a program that runs on your host system that allows you to print files from your host system to your PC printer. It is identical to downloading the file and then printing the file but it does it in one step.

  • PCPRINT is far more efficient than TPRINT since it uses 2048 byte blocks. If you have a choice between the two, always select PCPRINT.


For CMS, PCPRINT utilizes the following syntax:

PCPRINT fn ft [ fm ] [ ( [ LPT1/LPT2/LPT3 ] [ CC/NOCC ] [ FF ] [ BIN ]


For MUSIC, PCPRINT utilizes the following syntax:

PCPRINT filename  [ [ LPT1/LPT2/LPT3 ] [ CC/NOCC ] [ FF ] [ BIN ]


For TSO, PCPRINT utilizes the following syntax:

PCPRINT datasetname  [ [ LPT1/LPT2/LPT3 ] [ CC/NOCC ] [ FF ] [ BIN ]

Printing Options

The following options are available when printing host files.

CC:  Directs PCPRINT to use the first column of every line as the carriage control character.

NOCC: Directs PCPRINT to not use the first column as the carriage control column. On CMS, TN3270 automatically enables the CC option for LISTING file types.

FF:  Directs PCPRINT to add a form feed at the end of the print job.

BIN:  Directs PCPRINT to download the file in binary mode. By default, an EBCDIC to ASCII conversion is performed. With the BIN option, the data is sent directly to the printer, without performing this conversion.

Configuring PCPRINT Output

You can configure the output of PCPRINT jobs in the Print Category of the Session Options dialog. Refer to the Print Category in the “Session Options” in Chapter 2 for more information on the various options.


Distinct TN3270 supports Yale’s TPRINT facility by supporting the 7171 transparent data stream commands. In transparent mode, the program will support the VT100 Printer On/Off escape codes to direct transparent output to the logical printer port 1. Distinct TN3270 does support the 4994 inquiry command and will respond with a VT100 terminal type.


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