3270 or 5250 Mode

You can instruct Distinct IntelliTerm to automatically capture all 3270 or 5250 screens to a file. Although this feature is similar to other terminal emulators, it does not function identically due to the 3270 architecture.

When you enable capturing via the “Capture Screen” option under the File menu, Distinct IntelliTerm begins to save all host updates to the save file (as set in the Save Category for the Session Options). Each time that the host system updates any portion of the 3270 screen, the entire screen is appended to the save file (regardless of the Save Mode option). Unfortunately, this is the only way to provide capturing in the 3270 architecture.

VT Mode

You can instruct the system to automatically save all lines received or even capture all data received. The Capture Mode option in the Save Category of the Session Profile determines how the system will capture data to the save file.

In Text mode, the system captures all data terminated by a LF, VT, or FF.

In Raw mode, the system captures all data received through the communication link including control and escape sequences.


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