The following table is a list of the default 5250 keystrokes when Distinct IntelliTerm is first loaded.

PC Key 5250 Function

Cursor Keys Normal Cursor Movement

Shift Cursor Keys Fast Cursor Movement (By 2’s) (Enhanced Keyboards)

End Move cursor to end of field

Ins Toggle Insert Mode

Enter Enter

Delete Delete

Ctrl-Enter Newline

* Newline

Home Move cursor to Home position

Tab Move cursor to next field

Shift-Tab Move cursor to previous field

Ctrl-End Erase to End of Field

Ctrl-Home Erase Input

Ctrl-Left-Arrow Previous Word

Ctrl-Right-Arrow Next Word

Ctrl-Del Delete to end of word

Ctrl-Ins Edit copy

Shift-Ins Edit paste

Alt-F4 Exit

Shift-Enh-Home Field mark

Ctrl-F1 Help

Shift-Esc System request

Backspace Move cursor left and delete character

Esc Reset (Unlock keyboard and clear Insert)

- Field minus

+ Field plus

Pause Clear

Ctrl-6 ¢ (EBCDIC Cent Sign)

F1-F12 PF1-PF12 (Enhanced Keyboards)

Shift F1-F12 PF13-PF24 (Enhanced Keyboards)

Enter (Keypad) Field exit (Enhanced Keyboards)

F1-F10 PF1-PF10 (Normal Keyboards)

Shift F1-F10 PF11-PF20 (Normal Keyboards)

Ctrl F1-F4 PF21-PF24 (Normal Keyboards)

Ctrl-Numpad-5 Select entire screen

5250 Key 5250 Description

Ctrl-A Create a new session

Ctrl-B Close the current session

Ctrl-C Copy highlighted block to clipboard

Ctrl-D Duplicate

Ctrl-E Toggle Entry Assist

Ctrl-F Field mark

Ctrl-G Enable/Disable Attribute Display

Ctrl-H Clear Type Ahead buffer

Ctrl-I Insert text from clipboard

Ctrl-N Jump to next session

Ctrl-P Print current screen

Ctrl-Q Terminate all sessions and exit IntelliTerm

Ctrl-R Receive a file from the host

Ctrl-S Send a file to the host

Ctrl-V Paste text from clipboard

Ctrl-W Toggle Word Wrap

Ctrl-X Copy text to clipboard and cut

Ctrl-Z Clear

Shift-Del Cut highlighted text


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