To send a file to the host:


Select the Send (upload) option from the Transfer menu or press the upload button on the toolbar.


The Upload a File dialog box allows you to select the PC file to upload, the destination filename and file transfer options. Select the filename. As you do so, Distinct IntelliTerm will automatically enter that filename in the PC File Name text box correcting the name for the destination system.

You can also upload files from disk or from the Windows clipboard if it contains suitable data. If data is available from the clipboard, then the Upload from group box will be available and you can select either Disk or Clipboard as the source. If you select Clipboard, you do not need to select a filename.


As you select the source, Distinct IntelliTerm automatically enters that filename in the Upload to (Host File Name) text box. You may change this name if you wish to.


To start the file transfer, press the OK button.


The File Transfer Monitor dialog box appears to display the number of bytes that are transferring.


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