To enable Entry Assist, press the Ctrl-E key sequence from any 3270 session. This will enable Entry Assist only for the current session. The DOC indicator will appear in the OIA. If it does not appear, press Ctrl-E again.

Enabling Entry Assist will first provide a cursor position indicator in the OIA. As you move the cursor, the indicator will provide the location of the cursor in a row/column format. A value of 1/1 is the upper left hand corner and a value of 24/80 is the lower right hand corner (for a Model 2 terminal). At this time, the end-of-line signal and columnar tabs are enabled. If Word Wrap was previously enabled, it will automatically be enabled at this time. A >> (double right arrow) will display beside the DOC indicator. To toggle Word Wrap, press the Ctrl-W key sequence.

With Word Wrap enabled, the cursor (and word) will automatically wrap to the next line as you reach the right margin. If you are not in the Insert Mode, then the next line (input area between the margins) must be clear and unprotected.


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