Although Distinct IntelliTerm for Windows supports several languages, you can tailor the EBCDIC to ASCII translate tables used for display and entry of data. The reason why there are translate tables is that IBM host systems use a data format called EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code). This defines the value of all alphanumeric and other characters in a byte. All 3270 devices use the EBCDIC data format. On the other side, all PCs use the ASCII format (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) to interpret data bytes. Therefore, PCs must translate the host data from EBCDIC to ASCII in order to display it properly and also translate the input ASCII data to EBCDIC to send data to the host.

There are 2 translate tables that operate independently. The first table, EBCDIC-to-ASCII is used to convert data received from the host for display purposes. The second table, ASCII-to-EBCDIC is used to convert data entered from the keyboard to send to the host system.

Distinct IntelliTerm uses a Global table set and can optionally use Private Translate Tables. The Global table set is used by default for all 3270 and 5250 terminal sessions. However, you can override the global tables within the Session Profile and choose a different translate table set.

To access the Global Translate Tables you must be in 3270 or 5250 mode. Select Global Translate Tables from the Options menu. The dialog will appear.

You can display and enter data in either Decimal format (base 10) or Hexadecimal format (base 16)  by selecting the Display Type.

To change an entry, move the scroll bar in the appropriate table and enter a new value in the correct base format. For decimal, you can enter numbers from 0 to 255. For Hexadecimal, you can enter values from 00 to FF.

The dialog is designed to always display the opposite translation. This allows you to easily see the current reverse translation.

Once you have completed your changes, press OK to save the new translation tables immediately to disk.

Changes in the translate tables affect all terminal sessions.


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