To save the font size and window position to the profile, you must save the profile by selecting the Save Session Profile option from the Options menu or Save from the Session Profile dialog box. Check the Save Window Layout in Profile checkbox before saving the profile to disk. Otherwise, the font and window position will not be saved.

Session Font Options

There are a number of options that are available in the Session Options to control the display system.

Keep Font Aspect Ratio

When you resize the window, Distinct IntelliTerm can either generate fonts that match the window size as much as possible or it can generate fonts which are always visually correct. With the option checked, Distinct IntelliTerm always generates fonts that are visually correct. You cannot create fat or narrow fonts in this mode. To create fonts that match the window size more precisely, clear this option.

Display 3D Borders

When you resize the window and Distinct IntelliTerm generates a new font, it is impossible for the system to create a font that matches the exact window size. When this option is checked, the system will center the terminal area in the window and fill the void around the window with a gray 3D like border. This in effect ‘frames’ your session. To get a black frame, clear this option.

Force Exact Window Terminal Size

When you resize the window, Distinct IntelliTerm normally centers the terminal area in the window and either fills the borders with a gray or black color. If you want to force the system to always create a window that is the exact size of the terminal window, check this option.

  • With this option checked, you will not be able to maximize the screen.

Save Font & Window Info on Exit

This option when enabled saves the font information and window position and size to the profile automatically.

Default/Alternate Switching Mode

This option controls how Distinct IntelliTerm functions when it switches between the default and alternate terminal size. This occurs only if you select a Model 3, 4, or 5 terminal for a 3270 or if the VT terminal received commands to change the window size.

The first option, Keep Font Size Constant, instructs the system to always use the same font size when it switches modes. This causes the system to change the window size as the terminal switches modes. The advantage of this option is that you will always be able to read the font. However, this option does not work when the screen is maximized.

The second option, Keep Screen Size Constant, instructs the system to always keep the screen size constant. Therefore, when the system switches modes, it automatically selects the largest font that fits within the current window size. This option is selected by default.

The last option, Keep 3270 Modes Independent (valid only in 3270 mode), allows you to select the position and font type independently in Default and Alternate terminal modes. Once the system switches to and from each mode, it remembers the size and type of font and the size and position of the window. This provides maximum control of the display system.


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