Distinct IntelliTerm requires fonts that have equal character spacing. These are called Fixed-Pitch fonts (as opposed to Proportional fonts). Fixed-Pitch fonts are required so that the text on the screen appears in consistent positions on the screen. Additionally, since Distinct IntelliTerm is a terminal emulator and not a word processor, the main window must be a specific size given a certain font.

Distinct IntelliTerm fully supports the use of True Type fonts. It also provides a set of crystal clear bitmap fonts which are preferable at resolutions ranging from VGA (640x480) to SVGA (1024x768). To select these fonts, choose Select Font from the Fonts menu then select TCP Terminal as the font name.

The windowing system used by Distinct IntelliTerm operates in two ways. In AutoFontSizing mode (which is the default mode of operation), you can drag the bottom, top, or corners of the window frame to make it smaller or larger and the program will dynamically change the window size.

You can change the session fonts by choosing Select Font from the Fonts menu. You can enlarge or reduce the font size by using the menu options from the Fonts menu or by selecting the enlarge or reduce buttons from the toolbar. The enlarge and reduce functions work in both Normal and AutoFontSizing modes.

The Select Session Font dialog box will list all available bitmap and True Type fonts that match the characteristics required by Distinct IntelliTerm. Although the Font Style list box will allow you to modify the font, Regular style is normally the preferred style. As you change the Font, Style, and Size, a sample of the new font will appear in the Sample group box. As you select fonts of various types and sizes, the Window Preview will show you what size the window will occupy on your desktop with the currently selected font. Once you have selected the font you desire, press the OK button to change the session font. Distinct IntelliTerm will then resize the window to the size required by the new font. The Session Font options in the Font category are described in the section “Session Options.”


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