Distinct IntelliTerm supports a fully redefinable poppad. A poppad is a small window which contains the most popular action keys or macros. You can display up to five different poppads concurrently.

To enable the default poppad, select Default Poppad from the View/Poppad menu. The following window will appear:


The poppad is designed as a floating window which always stays on top of any session window on your desktop. To press any of the keys, simply move the mouse pointer over a button and press the left mouse button to perform the action. The action is sent to the last active terminal window. For example, if you have multiple sessions active, the window whose title bar was last active will receive the action.

Loading a Custom Poppad

To load a custom poppad that you previously saved to a profile, select the Poppad/Custom option from the View menu. The Load Profile dialog box appears. Select the profile you want to load and select OK.

Resizing the Poppad

To resize the poppad, simply drag any edge of the window and change the width to your desired size. Distinct IntelliTerm will resize the box to match the width as best as possible.

Distinct IntelliTerm will remember the position and format of the poppad when you exit the program so that next time it will appear in the same shape and location as before.

Configuring the Poppad

To configure the poppad, select the Poppads command from the Options/Terminal Settings menu. The Configure Poppad dialog box appears.

You can configure the poppad to contain any function or macro you want. You can also set the text that appears on each button.

Modifying a Poppad Entry

To modify an existing entry, first select the entry you want to change by clicking on it in the list box. Next change the text that will appear on the button and/or change the function that will be executed when the button is selected. Then select the Change button.

To move the entry up or down press the Move Up or Move Down buttons  respectively.

To delete an entry, select the entry and press the Delete button.

Adding New Poppad Entries

To add a new poppad entry, enter the button text in the Button Text box and select the appropriate command or macro to execute and then press the Add button. The entry will be added to the end of the list. Then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to position the entry in the list.

Poppad Profiles

You can load and save multiple poppad profiles. After changing the entries, press the Save button to save a poppad profile. You will be presented with the familiar Save Profile dialog box. Enter the profile name and select the Save button. You can also load a poppad profile in the Configure Poppad dialog box, rename, and then save it.


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