As with the session options, you can tailor the 3270/5250 and VT colors to your preference for any session. Since the color information is saved in the session profile, you can set colors differently for each session.

To change the session colors, select the Color Category from the Session Preferences dialog (Session... from the Options menu). The following dialog will appear. The contents of the listbox will be different for each terminal type.

To change a session color, first select the color name you wish to change. Then click on the color block that you wish to assign. Select Foreground Color to change the text color and select Background Color to change the background color.

  • 3270 Mode: If you are not sure what name to choose, use the mouse and click on the color in the 3270 session and the appropriate name will be automatically highlighted.

Reset Color Resets a color back to its default values. Select the color and then press the Reset Color button.

Reset All Resets all colors back to their default values.

MonoChrome Changes all color mappings for use on a monochrome device such as a laptop.

Uniform Color Sets the foreground or background color to a uniform color. Select the color for any field and then click on the “Uniform Color” check box.

When you have completed your changes, press OK or Save... to save the values for the current session.

If you understand 3270/5250 field concepts and wish to have more control over the 3270/5250 colors, press the Advanced button. The list of field color types will be expanded. You will now have complete control over the terminal colors.

Customizing Colors

On systems equipped with 256 color capability (Super VGA, 8514, XGA, ATI, etc.), you have the ability to change the color composition of the basic 16 colors. The Colors category lets you assign any of the base 16 colors to a field. But in the Color Palette category, you can change the composition which makes a base system color.

For example, the Dark Blue color is by default composed of 50% Blue, 0% Red, 0% Green; Light Blue is composed of 100% Blue, 0% Red, and 0% Green. To make the Light Blue more appealing (example, IBM color 3270 devices such as a 3179G), you could set the Light Blue to 100% Blue, 0% Red, and 50% Green.

Since the customized colors are implemented through color palettes in Windows, the changes made to the palette affect all 3270 terminal sessions. They do not affect any other application running on your system.


To access the Color Palette, select the Color Palette category from the Session Profile dialog box. The following will appear:


To change any base color, select the base color first (select the color block), then move the scroll bars to the color composition that you wish. You will see the sample text change as you move the scroll bars.


To reset a color back to the system default, select the color and then press the Reset Color button.


To reset all colors back to the system defaults, press the Reset All button.


When you have completed your changes, press Save or OK. The Color Palette changes are system-wide and are saved to a system-wide profile automatically. You do not need to save the color palette changes to a profile to have them take effect.


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