Escape and binary codes are entered via the well known ‘C’ style syntax using the backslash character (‘’). Inline spaces are treated as part of the sequence.

a Bell (alert)

b Backspace

e Escape

f Formfeed

n Newline

r Carriage Return

t Horizontal Tab

v Vertical Tab

’ Single quotation mark

" Double quotation mark

\ Backslash

xhh ASCII character in hexadecimal notation

The sequence xhh allows you to specify any ASCII character as a hexadecimal character code. For example, you can give the ASCII backspace character as the normal C escape sequence (b), or you can code it as x08 hexadecimal.

You must use at least one digit for a hexadecimal escape sequence, but you can omit the second digit. Therefore, you can specify the hexadecimal escape sequence for the backspace as either x8 or x08.


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