Distinct IntelliTerm will open one session for you when you connect to your host. You can open up to 26 concurrent sessions. Each session can be of any terminal type. For example, you can have 2 TN3270 sessions and 3 VT sessions and 4 TN5250 sessions.

To open a new session:


Press Ctrl-A from any 3270 or 5250 window, or select Open Session from the File Menu to open a VT session. You may also open a session by clicking on the open session button in the toolbar. The Open New Session dialog box appears. (The default gateway name to which you may connect is highlighted in the IP Host/Gateway text box.)


If you have previously saved profiles, you can open a session by selecting the profile name from the Profiles list box.


To open a session without using an existing profile, enter the name of the host or IP address in decimal format of the host to which you wish to connect (such as or in the IP Host/Gateway text box.


Click Config if you want to edit an existing profile or create a new one before you start your session.

  • If you reach the maximum number of sessions, attempting to open a new session will display a message indicating that the maximum number of sessions has been reached.


Set the correct session parameters such as terminal type or model and the TCP port if needed.


Press the Connect button to open the session. If the connection is successful, a new terminal window will appear. Notice that the session name has also changed. If a connection was not possible, an error message is displayed.


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