The 25th line of the display is dedicated as the Operator Information Area, or OIA. The OIA displays information about the status of the current session.


The most common indicators that display in the OIA are the following:

OIA indicator


X Clock

Keyboard Locked. The keyboard is locked since an attention (AID) generating key was pressed. (3270/5250 mode only)


Keyboard Locked. This OIA indicator warns that the 3270 keyboard is locked. The Reset key must be pressed before any other 3270 operation can take place. (3270/5250 mode only)


Insert Mode. This indicator shows that the Insert Mode is toggled on. The Insert mode can be reset by pressing: the Insert key again, the Reset key, or any AID generating keys. (AID or attention generating keys are: Enter, PA1, PA2, PA3, Clear, and PF1 to PF24.)

X Num

Keyboard Locked. You attempted to enter a non-numeric character in a numeric field. (3270/5250 mode only)

X <-‡->

Keyboard Locked. Go elsewhere. You cannot enter data at current location. Move the cursor to an unprotected field. (3270/5250 mode only)


Session Name. Column 20 in the OIA is the session long name. This is an eight character name identifying which session you are currently viewing. This string can be changed by renaming the Session Long Name in the Hosts Category of Session Profile. The default value of this is from “Sess-1" to ”Sess-5".


Entry Assist enabled. This indicator shows that the 3270 Entry Assist feature is enabled. (3270/5250 mode only)


Word Wrap enabled. These characters (>>) display next to DOC and only if the 3270 Entry Assist feature is enabled. (3270/5250 mode only)


Session Short Name. Column 19 contains the session short name assigned. If the value is numeric, then the EHLLAPI Short Name was not assigned to the profile name.


A severe error has occurred in the 3270 data stream Consult the IBM 3270 manual or 3x74 manual for a description of error codes (e.g. PROG505 means that the host is unavailable). (3270 mode only)

This is the IP address of the host to which the session is connected. This address appears in column 31 in the OIA.


Numeric Field. Column 72 contains a pound sign if the field at the cursor location is a numeric field. (3270/5250 mode only)


Operator Selectable Field. Column 73 contains this character if the field at cursor location is operator selectable. (3270 mode only)


Cursor Location. If Entry Assist is enabled, cursor position
is displayed in row and column values (starting at 1/1).



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