In VT mode the mouse can be used to simplify the cutting and pasting operations. The left mouse button is used to select a block for copying text to the clipboard. In VT mode, you should enable the Auto Copy Selected Text feature which is located in the Cursor Category of the Session Profile. With this enabled, the system automatically copies a highlighted block to the clipboard and then removes the selection.

The right mouse button is assigned to the Paste function. Therefore, if there is anything in the clipboard, clicking the right mouse button will paste the text to the host system.

Default Mouse Actions - VT Mode

The mouse actions are configured as follows by default:

Do this


Click left button

No action. To change this to copy, enable Auto Copy Selected Text as described in the paragraph above.

Click right button

Paste text in the clipboard to the screen. If the clipboard is empty, no other action is performed.

Click and drag left button

Highlight a block of text to copy to the clipboard.

Double-click left button

Activate hotspot feature. If the text at the pointer location corresponds to any hotspot text, the hotspot action will be performed.

Shift + click left button

Clear the current screen.

Shift + click right button

Clear the entire device buffer.

Ctrl + click left button

Press the VT420 Find key.

Ctrl + click right button

Press the VT420 Insert Here key.

Shift + Ctrl + click left button

Bring up Track Menu.

Shift + Ctrl + click right button

Bring up Track Menu.


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