To use Distinct IntelliTerm, you must create a session and then a profile for your session preferences.

To start Distinct IntelliTerm:


Double-click the Distinct IntelliTerm icon. In Windows 95, click the Distinct IntelliTerm icon in the Start menu. You will see the following dialog box appear.



In the IP Host/Gateway text box, enter the IP host name or the IP address in decimal dotted format, (such as or Do not enclose the name or address with quotes.


Select the Terminal Type and the Model you want. The terminal model selects what features are installed in a particular terminal mode.


If the system to which you are trying to connect is attached to the Telnet daemon using a port number other than the one displayed, change the TCP Port to the port number in use. 23 is the default telnet port for most systems. If you get the error message, unable to locate IP host/gateway, ask your system administrator for the correect port number.


Select the Connect button to open the terminal session.

The resolved IP address will appear in the bottom center of the terminal window. If your session is a 3270 session, the logo of your host system should now appear in the main window. For more information on sessions, see Chapter 2.

  • Administrators can disable the address from appearing within the Operator Information Area. In the online help search for “INI ” and look for the flag.

Creating a Profile

After you open your first terminal session, you can create a profile with your preferences. This is very simple and can be done as follows:


Size the IntelliTerm window to the desired size on your desktop. Distinct IntelliTerm uses True Type fonts for display and can resize itself to almost any size. However, if you are operating with display resolutions from VGA (640x480) to SVGA (1024x768), you can use the crisp internal font called TCP Terminal.


Select the Edit Session Profile option from the Options menu. Click on a category item to view the options available in that category. Check the boxes or select the radio buttons for the options you wish to activate. You can move from category to category making the required modifications.


To save the options, press the Save button. Change the profile name from Default to any name of your choice. (The name Default has certain restrictions and features, therefore, do not use this name until you read the “Profiles” section later in this manual.)

  • Profile names may be up to 28 characters in length.

You can also save and create an icon for your session profile. To do so, select Save Session Profile from the Options menu. You will be presented with the Save Profile dialog box. Enter a name for your new profile in the text box displayed at the top of the dialog box. Click the Create Shortcut for Profile checkbox, then click Save.

For more information on profiles, see “Profiles” in Chapter 2.

Creating a Profile for EHLLAPI

If you plan to use EHLLAPI with Distinct IntelliTerm, you must first create one or more profiles as described above. EHLLAPI short names are associated with profiles. Short names allow EHLLAPI to know which host to connect to. You need a different profile for each EHLLAPI session you plan to use. Once you have created the profiles, set a short name for the profile(s) with the following steps:


Select the Save Session Profile option from the Options menu. The Save Session Profile dialog box appears allowing you to assign a profile to an EHLLAPI short name.


Select the short name letter you wish to assign from the HLLAPI Short Name list and the profile to be assigned from the Profiles list.


Click on the Create Shortcut for Profile checkbox.


To save your settings, click on the Save button.

For more information on EHLLAPI, refer to Appendix A.


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