This Guide takes you through all of the IntelliTerm features discussing all of the emulator types. It specifies when a particular feature is only available for a particular terminal type.  

It aims at helping you set up a work environment that is customized to your needs while acting as a general reference for specific features.  Distinct IntelliTerm maintains a similar user interface in both the 16-bit version for Windows and in the 32-bit version for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  Where standard setup procedures are described, these usually include a description for one of these environments.

Chapter 1 describes how to install, start, open sessions in, and exit IntelliTerm.  It also gives useful information on some basic environment options such as using the mouse and the toolbar. We suggest that all users read this chapter.

Chapter 2 discusses Distinct IntelliTerm Sessions and the IntelliTerm environment options that can be customized.  This chapter is intended for use as a reference.  It also describes emulator specific features such as Entry Assist.

Chapter 3 is a reference for doing file transfer in 3270 mode.

Chapter 4 provides all the information you need to customize your keyboard for your emulation requirements and touches on the use of Quick-Keys that will help you speed up your work when working with Distinct IntelliTerm.  This information is useful to all users.

Chapter 6 deals with information that may be useful when operating in host graphics modes.

Chapter 7 describes how to configure and use Distinct FTP

Chapter 8 describes how to configure and maintain Distinct LPD.

Chapter 9 describes the Distinct LPR application.

Appendices A and B deal with the programming environment that comes with Distinct IntelliTerm.  They are intended for use only by the expert user and/or engineer.


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